About Us

I started Dirt Divas Off-Road to bring some sassy attitude to comfortable clothing for women who like to Play in The Dirt.  I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I work hard, play harder, and like to feel comfortable with whatever I'm doing. 

My husband and I got hooked on Jeeps and trail riding almost 4 years ago. We started going to different events all over the country with our Jeep Family. Usually we would get a t-shirt, hoodie or two to commemorate our adventure, who doesn't lol. I noticed that there wasn't a lot of women's clothing available, and when there was any it got snatched up quick! Not that I minded wearing something that one of the "guys" did, because, "Hey, I was getting to be a pretty good Jeeper myself lol!" I wanted something that showed that attitude! I can drive, I can wrench, I can run with the boys! I wanted something that Makes Dirty Look Good!

Sitting around a campfire with some of our best friends, cocktails, and a beautiful starry Colorado sky, Dirt Divas Off-Road found a set of tires and took off!